Air Montenegro to start Frankfurt service

Frankfurt will be next Air Montenegro's destination after Belgrade, Ljubljana, and Banjaluka.

Datum / Date: 24.06.2021.

Autor / Author: Aviatica

Foto: Air Montenegro

Air Montenegro is going to start a new Frankfurt route from 15 July.

Montenegrin national airline will serve Frankfurt twice per week, on Mondays, and Thursdays, from Podgorica.

Frankfurt is recognized as a crucial destination for start-up airline, offering a direct link with many Montenegrin citizens with a German residency and German tourists visiting Montenegro.

A one-way ticket from Podgorica to Frankfurt costs from 98 euro, including all taxes. Bookings are available through the airline’s website.

According to Air Montenegro saying, new routes will be revealed soon.


Lufthansa Systems supports new airline

Air Montenegro has proudly announced it received support from Lufthansa Systems, a major consulting company in the airline industry. The two companies have been working together since March 2021. to establish a reliable Montenegrin national airline.

Oki Air to take airport services

Air Montenegro and Oki Air signed a cooperation deal. As one of the best-known airport service providers in the ex-Yugoslavian region, Oki Air will take all airport services on behalf of Air Montenegro at airports in Podgorica, Ljubljana, and Belgrade.

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