Alitalia representative office in Belgrade closed

Belgrade lost another airline representative office after Alitalia closed its own after 25 years.

Datum / Date: 20.03.2021.

Autor / Author: Aviatica

Foto: Alitalia

According to Aviatica unofficial sources, Alitalia closed its representative office in Belgrade last week, after 25 years of presence in the Serbian capital.

Although there’s no official statement on this matter from Alitalia, travel agents in Serbia, suddenly have been informed about representative office closure. As we learned, Alitalia’s Bulgarian representative office in Sofia would be in charge also for the Serbian market, most likely.

Italian national airline Alitalia declared bankruptcy in 2017 and still waiting for a solution to survive. The Italian government decided to establish a new airline named ITA (Italian acronym for Italia Transporto Aereo). ITA should take off from April, but June or July is more likely, according to the latest briefing by the Ministry of Transportation.


European Commission insists on discontinuity with Alitalia and has just cleared the plan to transfer Alitalia’s flight operation unit to the new company without public tender to avoid delaying launching the new airline. All other units, including handling and maintenance, should be offered on separate public tenders.

The new airline also needs to be downsized. The complete business plan has not yet been revealed, but some goals went public. ITA’s fleet will have only 45 airplanes, and the network focus would be on regional and European destinations.

According to five-year network plans, the Rome – Belgrade route could be restored not earlier than 2022.

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