Air Serbia offers free flight date change until the end of the year

Air Serbia extends free rebooking and flight date change until the end of this year.

Datum / Date: 17.03.2021.

Autor / Author: Aviatica

Foto: Air Serbia

Due to the changing epidemiological situation that results in travel restrictions, Air Serbia decided to enable its passengers to change their travels until the end of the year.

This benefit, which makes travel planning much easier, will be available to all who purchase their flight tickets by 31 December 2021. The promotional campaign includes all destinations in the Serbian national airline’s network, except New York, and applies to travels up to 31 December 2021.

“The situation is still very prone to change concerning travel restrictions, which is why flexibility is one of the key elements when booking a flight. Putting our passengers’ needs first, we have decided to extend this campaign and enable them to approach travel planning in a more relaxed way during the upcoming season. Additionally, in the coming period, we will begin testing the IATA Travel Pass. This mobile app will help passengers organize their travels simply and safely following the regulations of countries pertaining to COVID-19 testing or vaccination,” said Jiri Marek, General Manager, Commercial and Strategy, Air Serbia.

Air Serbia’s promotional campaign allows passengers to change the date of their flights an unlimited number of times and at any time, without paying change fees, no later than one day before the planned trip. If the initially paid tariff is not available for the newly-selected date, it is possible to pay the difference for the next available tariff.

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